Cybersecurity and Wind Energy

Having the wind at your back is definitely a good thing - harnessing the energy of wind to lower your energy costs, now that's a great thing. Discover how One Energy's staff and clients were provided secure access to their wind turbines from any mobile device, anywhere with a managed security solution by CentraComm. 

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How Can CentraComm Help Your Organization?  

 3 ways that we will continue to maintain your trust, and deliver peace of mind across your entire enterprise:  


 Off-the-shelf solutions were not designed for the complex networking and security challenges real business face today. Pen in hand, we promise to listen, understand and deliver a solution based upon your needs and your stated goals.

 We partner with top-of-the-line manufacturers who are known leaders and innovators; and our technical proficiency has earned the respect of the very same companies who engineered the products we support. By leveraging our first-class partnerships and practical financial options, we can help you budget effectively while investing in the technology that drives your business forward.

When it comes to network security, business intelligence, and migration to the cloud, technology is on the fast-track - so the paths we carve today must align with what tomorrow will bring. Whether we're safeguarding your data, managing infrastructure, or providing customers a roadmap of what's next, you can trust that we'll accelerate your business by always looking ahead.